Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The American stock markets

On Tuesday the American stock markets have demonstrated growth successively on a background of increase in activity in tertiary industry in the USA. The "blue chips" index Dow Jones Industrial Average has grown on 47.75 items, or on 0.4 %, up to 12331.60. "Hi-tech" Nasdaq Composite has added 3.99 items, or 0.2%, and it was closed on a mark 2452.38. The index of thick market S&P 500 has soared on 5.64 items, or on 0.4%, up to 1414.76, having reached a maximum since November 2000.

Major factors of Tuesday growth became economic data. The Ministry of Labour report has informed that specific costs for the wage in 3rd quarter have grown on 2.3%. It is much more below the forecast of economists, who expected growth of a parameter on 3.8%. Contained growth of costs for the wage testifies to decrease in inflationary pressure and increases chances of fast reduction in interest rates.

Analysts declare that investors are assured of prospects of growth in 2007 as the cores sectors of the American economy show stable growth. According to estimations of experts, profits of the companies entering into settlement index base S&P 500, in a running quarter will grow on 9.4%, and in following year will increase for 9.3%. It is above the average parameter of growth of corporate profits, which makes 7.6%.

Shares of company Kroger have grown on $1.16, or on 5.2%, up to $23.49 on a background of the good quarterly report. The company has informed that its profit in 3rd quarter has increased for 16% as it managed to entice a part of clients Wal-Mart Stores Inc. owing to new system of discounts. The profit has grown up to $0.30 on the share and has surpassed expectations of analysts.

Stock quotations of company AutoZone Inc., the retail seller of auto spare parts largest in the USA, have grown on $4.82, or on 4.2%, up to $119.29 on a background of growth of quarter profit. On Tuesday the company has informed, that its profit in 1st financial quarter has increased up to $1.73 for the share. It is above, than $1.68 on the share, predicted by experts.

Securities of Coca-Cola have soared on $1.17, or on 2.5%, up to $48 after analysts Merrill Lynch have informed, that the annual company profit can make $2.57 on the share. According to the previous estimation, profit Coca-Cola should reach $2.51 on the share. Cost of shares of the company during the following 12 months can grow up to $51.

Securities of NYSE Group Inc. have added $1.55, or 1.6%, and were closed on a mark of $97.60 after regulating bodies have agreed to company merger Euronext NV, the second largest stock exchange in the Europe. The world's largest transatlantic trade platform can be created as a result of the bargain in cost of $13 billion.

As a whole, at the New York stock exchange (NYSE) the number of the evolved shares has exceeded number of fallen ones in the ratio 20 to 11. The ratio of the evolved and fallen shares on electronic platform Nasdaq has made 15 to 14. Turnovers of trading floors were rather high: 1.54 billion shares on NYSE and 2.05 billion shares on NASDAQ.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The European share indexes

On Tuesday the European stock markets have grown the second day successively owing to the encouraged data about a state of the American economy.

  • British index FTSE 100 was lifted on 36.00 items, or on 0.6%, up to 6086.40.
  • German DAX Xetra 30 has soared on 77.57 items, or on 1.2%, up to 6372.80.
  • French CAC 40 was closed with growth on 6.61 items, or on 1.2%, on a mark 5359.69.
  • Summary all-European index Dow Jones Stoxx 600 was lifted on 2.32 items, or on 0.7%, up to 353.91.

As a whole, 16 from 18 European markets have demonstrated growth on Tuesday. The institute of management of supply (ISM) has informed that in November growth of services sector in the USA was accelerated. The business index of services sector has grown. These data have lowered fears of investors concerning sharp slowing down of growth rates of the American economy.

Shares of the mining companies have demonstrated growth owing to increase in the copper and nickel prices on Tuesday. The prices for nickel on Tuesday have reached a 19-years maximum. On this background prices for shares of BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, have grown on 1.5% up to 980 pence. Shares of Rio Tinto, the third by size mining company in the world, have risen in price for 2.6% up to 2831 pence.

Securities of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, the largest on a market value European petroleum company, have grown on 1.6% up to 1804 pence after analysts of ABN Amro Holding NV have increased a rating of its shares and the forecast of growth of profit. Shares of British Petroleum Plc, the second largest petroleum company in the Europe, were lifted on 1.9% up to 578 pence. Stock quotations of petroleum company Total SA, which is on the third place in the Europe, have grown on 2% up to 53.8 euros.

ABN Amro has declared that these petroleum companies should consider prospects of merge. In opinion of experts, creation of the large incorporated petroleum company in the Europe is inevitable.

Stock quotations of exchange operator Euronext NV was lifted on 2.1% up to 86.85 euros. It happened after regulating bodies have agreed to its take-over by company NYSE Group Inc. that is ready to pay $13 billion for the second-largest stock exchange in the Europe.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Gold on NYMEX

Price on gold has fallen below a mark $650 for troy ounce for the first time for the past four days on a background of growth of a dollar exchange rate against basic currencies on Wednesday. The dollar managed to win back a few losses against euro after the Institute of management of supply (ISM) has informed that in November growth of services sector in the USA was accelerated. The business index of services sector has grown from 57.1% in October up to 58.9% in November. Economists predicted reduction of index to 55.8%. Value of index ISM above 50 items testifies to expansion of activity in tertiary industry.

On results of the trade on the New York commodity exchange, NYMEX, on Tuesday February futures for gold have fallen in price on $3.00, or on 0.5%, up to $647.90 for ounce. Analysts predict that within the next few days there can be a further growth of a dollar exchange rate and decrease in investment appeal of gold.

The prices for other metals were closed differently on Tuesday. The March contract on delivery of silver has fallen on $0.22, or to 1.5 %, up to $14.025 for ounce. The March contract on delivery of copper was lifted on $0.071, or on 2.2 %, up to $3.247 for pound.

January futures for delivery of platinum on Tuesday have fallen on $23.60, or to 2.2 %, up to $1133.70 for ounce. The March contract on delivery of a palladium has decreased on $0.05 up to $336.45 for ounce.

On Monday, December 4th, gold reserves have remained on a mark 7.49 million troy ounces. Silver reserves have grown on 601100 troy ounces up to 108.4 million troy ounces. Cooper reserves have increased for 600 short tons up to 31899 short tons.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Growth in the Japanese stock market

The Basic indexes of the Japanese stock market have reached the maximum for the last month on Wednesday on December 6th. It happened on a background of data about growth of advancing economic parameters and publications of Nihon Keizai in which to be spoken, that dividends of the Japanese companies will achieve a record level this year.

On results of the stock trade at the Tokyo stock exchange on Wednesday:

  • The index Nikkei 225 has grown on 105.52 items, or 0.65%, up to a level of 16371.28.
  • The index of wide market Topix was increased on 16.28 items, or 1.02%, up to a mark 1615.17.

The index of advancing economic parameters has grown in October up to 50%, having reached the four-month maximum. The value of the indicator (exceeding 50%) points out probable growth of economy the nearest 6 months. As has informed Nihon Keizai (being based on results of own research) the sum of dividends of the Japanese companies should achieve a record level of 4,49bln. yens ($39,1billion) on results of fiscal year which will end in March 2007.

Leaders of growth became Tokyo Electric and Matsushita Electric. Their shares have grown, accordingly, on 1.9% and 2.3%.

Shares of banks also were lifted. Shares of the largest bank in Japan Mitsubishi UFJ were increased on 1.4%. Shares of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial have risen in price for 0.8%.

Other indexes of Asian-Pacific region moved differently directed. Hong Kong Hang Seng and Australian ASX have added 0.45% and 0.73%, accordingly. South-Korean stock index Kospi and Chinese Shanghai Composite was lost with 0.48% and 0.77%.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

New system of electronic trade in New-York.

On Tuesday, Company NYSE Group Inc. has informed that the Commission under securities and exchanges has approved the plan of full-scale expansion of hybrid system of the trade, i.e. the trade with use of electronic and traditional system.

Practically all the shares having listing at the New York stock exchange (NYSE) will be introduced to system of the electronic trade to the beginning of January 2007. Now shares of 262 companies bargain both in electronic system, and during the regular auction trade. NYSE Group Inc. has informed, that shares of 399 companies will be added in system of the electronic trade first. Then the system will replenish with securities of more than 131 companies.

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