Monday, December 16, 2013

I decided to devote my Life to People: My Future Work as a Medical Assistant

My family was rather surprised when one day I told them about my wish to become a medical assistant. We have no medical workers in the family so you can imagine they were curious at my decision to take this path.

I can say that it took me a good amount of time to arrive at the conclusion that I am ready to try a medical assistant program at our local college.

If you are not aware of what is necessary, there is a brief description of their duties and obligations.

The main aim for medical assistants is to support the work of the medical institution. For example, record all patient data, take care of health insurance requirements, set appointments with doctors, and clinical tasks such as performing injections, assisting chiropractors and podiatrists. I actually also took an IT degree program to help set up IT related needs in the hospital.

To become a medical assistant it’s great to have a specialized education. People who are eager to succeed must complete a year course at minimum involving intensive training. It’s a great idea to earn a certificate that will allow you the ability to work with patients and/or perform administrative tasks in hospitals.

I don’t worry about the salary level, as they are somewhere on the average level in the sphere, but everything depends on the level of your education. If you have additional background, e.g. Massage Therapy Program you are likely to earn a bit more.

Also, I don’t need to worry about where I’ll work after I complete the courses, because there are plenty of places that want to see me employed. According to statistics, the demand for this kind of labor is continually increasing.

I’m thrilled to be able to set my parents’ minds at ease with my enthusiasm and determination to succeed as a medical assistant. They know I will stop at nothing to obtain a job in the field and I will eventually stop mooching off of them upon graduation.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why should people live in a flat share?
Because of the globalization process that are happening in the world at the moment, countries borders have become more open, and various people prefer to study in another country. That is why; more and more youngsters come to get their education to London, where they meet a wonderful, but very expensive city with certain problems for students to live.
The biggest trouble in London at present is to get accommodation for students in London. You should be rather critical and realistic while considering the housing perspectives in the city.
At the beginning, you can always get a short term apartments London e.g. a hotel, but it cannot last long. So, it is much better to look for long term apartments immediately after you arrive in the city.
Most students choose to save money and to have a flat share. Some people like it a lot, but the others hate it so much.
These are the arguments in favor of flat sharing:
-    You can really cut your costs twice or even three times in such a way.
-    This type of housing is available to everyone in the world. So, you have a chance to meet people of various walks of live. Thus, your life is not going to be boring and plain any more.
-    When you share a flat or a house with other people, you also share the household chores that you have to do. Some like washing up, the others prefer cleaning. In such a way, everyone can get a duty to their taste avoiding rows and arguments.
As you can see, there are some great reasons to share a flat with other people, but still the major one is to reduce costs while you a student in London and you need London flats for students so much.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WorPress Disadvantages

According to some programmers and users, WordPress content management system has more advantages than disadvantages. But still there are some and now I’m going to mention some of the WordPress disadvantages.

•    If you want to introduce some changes (for example, to remove a field), you will need the knowledge of PHP.
•    In spite of a great number of available templates, they look practically the same. If you want to have a really unique look, you need unique changes and in this case graphics modification requires the knowledge of CSS and HTML.
•    In comparison with Magento shopping cart or Drupal, to work effectively you need to have loads of plug-ins installed. But this great number of plug-ins can significantly worsen the performance of the site.
•    WordPress lacks PHP security since it isn’t protected as other apps. Consequently, this can endanger the content on your site. 
•    You can face some problems and difficulties while modifying tables and graphics unlike, for example, in Joomla.
•    Since additional non-standard fields need additional syntax, it makes SQL queries rather complicated.

WordPress is ideal for creating a simple website. It is one of the most easy-to-use solutions that can be found online. Most beginners prefer this CMS. Professional users with more complicated requirements will have to install additional plug-ins to make WordPress closer to Drupal or Joomla but, even Drupal site development specialists highly recommend WordPress CMS for beginners. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

How to keep your website up and running

It’s hardly a secret that nowadays having a website is an absolute must for every single business. It doesn’t really matter whether you have an e-commerce website or a simple blog about your local business. If you want your potential clients to find you in a constantly increasing web world, you are going to have to make sure that your site is accessible 24/7 and functions well at all times.  Today we are going to talk about how to maximize reliability of your website with the help of specialized monitoring software solutions.

In order for your website to perform perfectly, both web applications and hardware should be monitored. You might think that the solutions that are capable of monitoring all aspects of your business will cost you an arm and a leg, but they are actually affordable even for small business owners. So, let’s take a closer look at the processes that ensure constant work of your website and help you not to lose credibility, potential clients and sales.

Product of the week 9.02.13 according to
Anturis Inc. developed the solution that can monitor your website and web servers without you having to install any sort of software. External monitoring is performed with the help of global monitoring network that ensures that your site and web applications are working without a hitch. The solution uses method called synthetic testing – each minute it simulates a behavior of a real user visiting your website and in case there is something wrong, you will be notified about the problem immediately. This kind of monitoring is highly important due to several reasons. First of all, your search result ranking will suffer in case your website produces a poor client’s experience. Second of all, if such features as search or log in don’t function the way they should, you can be sure that the client who faced slow performance on your website probably won’t choose your company again. So in this extremely competitive e-commerce world the faster you notified about problems on your website – the less clients you will lose. And not only you will get an alert saying your site has a problem, you will also get a detailed diagnostic information that will help dealing with a problem in a fast and effective way.

Monitoring your IT infrastructure - servers, OS, applications, databases and network devices - is another way to make sure your website is working just fine. The solution will help you keep in check OS processes and a log file, physical memory and amount of free disk space. Keeping in control all these factors will help you avoid website fails and data corruption. You know how much time it takes to grow client database, and email archives and important documents are constantly taking more and more space on your hard drive. Monitoring solution will help you protect your files and prevent data loss.

Keep in mind that a website is a business tool, and if it’s well functioning and informative it becomes one of the factors that help you build a reputation of a reliable service provider. With proper monitoring solution you will always be sure that your website is up and running and keeps bringing you profit.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

London flat share advice

As soon as you have made up your mind to go and study in London, keep in mind that looking for housing in the city is your primary goal. There are many London student flats which you can rent, but in most cases it is tremendously expensive. So many students agree on flat share. It is the only way when you have no friends in London.

But at the same time these new people can become not  your friends, but enemies sometimes.
Clapham Flatshare in London for students
After strange people gathered in one unite student accommodation London and they have to live together for certain period of time, they should clearly remember that they are to adapt to each others’ way of life as much as they can do.

Whether you want or want some rows will turn up. The base of them can be a sofa, a common bathroom, hot water, bills and many other things which seem so minor at first.

The best thing to avoid such rows if you have student flatshare London is to stay calm and talk a lot trying to find a compromise. It is not advisable to be hot-tempered and insult people in any case and under no reason.

Remember that you will hardly change anyone, but you can lose your best friend because of dirty laundry.

Flat share can be hard, but it gives you some valuable life experience how to communicate with people of various type.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mobile application development

The world is constantly changing. A few decades ago a computer was only considered as a part of office equipment. Today we can find a PC almost everywhere, but the world keeps changing. With every day more and more people start switching from their desktops and laptops to mobile devices that are catching up on productivity with the traditional computers. It is not surprising that mobile application development became a rapidly growing business with millions of customers every year. At this point, almost the same number of software developers is involved in both mobile application and computer application development.

Recent mobile applications are nothing like WAP-based websites and basic software solutions, such as: organizers, alarm clocks and other functionally outdated applications. Contemporary mobile software consists of multi-level applications with sophisticated user interfaces that are aimed to simplify user interaction with massive amounts of structured information.

Many users find it useful to create mobile applications to suit their particular and personal needs. According to the studies, the most popular spheres of mobile application development are: iPhone app development, as well as Android and Windows mobile software development. These mobile platforms are considered the most widespread and the most developed around the world.

Ordering a mobile application is not a luxury today: it is a mere necessity that will make your life simple and will suit all your needs for a relatively cheap price. Florida mobile application developers offer a wide range of services that will help you chose what you need and create the desired application within a reasonable time frame.

Choosing a professional in mobile application development always means saving time and money on exactly what you need.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Clueful mobile application returns to the market

Bitdefender – a company creating a variety of anti-virus, anti-theft and other security applications for both web and mobile, launched its mobile application Clueful last year. It was available for iOS and cost $4. The application detailed how other applications on user’s device handle personal data. Clueful mobile application was launched just at the time of appearance of a wide number of high-profile security events such as address book-gate and location gate.

For the unclear reason Clueful was removed from Apple’s App Store soon after its debut. The company’s representatives said that the reason was that their application showed too much. But the experts say that the reason was that to work the application itself needed to pull a list of applications from the device, send the list to the server and then compare it with the applications it had in the database. However Clueful returned in a web version later.

This year Clueful mobile application prepared a bright comeback. This time its creator Bitdefender targets Android users instead of iOS. The application is expected to reveal what the applications on user’s device do and how the privacy may be compromised in the process. On Android operating system Clueful is available for free and provides an option to upgrade for added security which includes a real-time web scanner and some more features. This is provided by company’s anti-virus application that costs $9.95 per year.

The application may find more popularity with Android users as they have to be more cautious as the applications are not checked before launch. Besides the devices based on Android operating system are still not so technically sophisticated when it comes to sorting the good applications from the bad ones.

Written by Tom Hoerman, professional copywriter at Australian software development company. Creates articles on software development methodologies, software tracking and monitoring systems. believes that D&G fashion brand created the best designer clothing and shoes for men.