Monday, September 30, 2013

How to keep your website up and running

It’s hardly a secret that nowadays having a website is an absolute must for every single business. It doesn’t really matter whether you have an e-commerce website or a simple blog about your local business. If you want your potential clients to find you in a constantly increasing web world, you are going to have to make sure that your site is accessible 24/7 and functions well at all times.  Today we are going to talk about how to maximize reliability of your website with the help of specialized monitoring software solutions.

In order for your website to perform perfectly, both web applications and hardware should be monitored. You might think that the solutions that are capable of monitoring all aspects of your business will cost you an arm and a leg, but they are actually affordable even for small business owners. So, let’s take a closer look at the processes that ensure constant work of your website and help you not to lose credibility, potential clients and sales.

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Anturis Inc. developed the solution that can monitor your website and web servers without you having to install any sort of software. External monitoring is performed with the help of global monitoring network that ensures that your site and web applications are working without a hitch. The solution uses method called synthetic testing – each minute it simulates a behavior of a real user visiting your website and in case there is something wrong, you will be notified about the problem immediately. This kind of monitoring is highly important due to several reasons. First of all, your search result ranking will suffer in case your website produces a poor client’s experience. Second of all, if such features as search or log in don’t function the way they should, you can be sure that the client who faced slow performance on your website probably won’t choose your company again. So in this extremely competitive e-commerce world the faster you notified about problems on your website – the less clients you will lose. And not only you will get an alert saying your site has a problem, you will also get a detailed diagnostic information that will help dealing with a problem in a fast and effective way.

Monitoring your IT infrastructure - servers, OS, applications, databases and network devices - is another way to make sure your website is working just fine. The solution will help you keep in check OS processes and a log file, physical memory and amount of free disk space. Keeping in control all these factors will help you avoid website fails and data corruption. You know how much time it takes to grow client database, and email archives and important documents are constantly taking more and more space on your hard drive. Monitoring solution will help you protect your files and prevent data loss.

Keep in mind that a website is a business tool, and if it’s well functioning and informative it becomes one of the factors that help you build a reputation of a reliable service provider. With proper monitoring solution you will always be sure that your website is up and running and keeps bringing you profit.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

London flat share advice

As soon as you have made up your mind to go and study in London, keep in mind that looking for housing in the city is your primary goal. There are many London student flats which you can rent, but in most cases it is tremendously expensive. So many students agree on flat share. It is the only way when you have no friends in London.

But at the same time these new people can become not  your friends, but enemies sometimes.
Clapham Flatshare in London for students
After strange people gathered in one unite student accommodation London and they have to live together for certain period of time, they should clearly remember that they are to adapt to each others’ way of life as much as they can do.

Whether you want or want some rows will turn up. The base of them can be a sofa, a common bathroom, hot water, bills and many other things which seem so minor at first.

The best thing to avoid such rows if you have student flatshare London is to stay calm and talk a lot trying to find a compromise. It is not advisable to be hot-tempered and insult people in any case and under no reason.

Remember that you will hardly change anyone, but you can lose your best friend because of dirty laundry.

Flat share can be hard, but it gives you some valuable life experience how to communicate with people of various type.