Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Most Actual and Dominant Style Trends of Falltime/Wintertime Time of year2011/2012

It is curious to mention that just one of the current and most prominent aspects of virtually all the attractive clothing collections of the time of year falltime/wintertime 2011/2012 is the following oddity: almost all summer season trends and styles have transferred directly in fall wear!

If to have a look at new aerial dresses of all hues of pink it becomes clear that they are the excellent reply to infinite and overcast fall working days. The main trend of fall/winter 2011/2012 will as well efficiently promote the general tendency of  wool and knitted  gowns. In private, the diversified apparels by Versace seem popular and at the same time really warm and comfy.

If to speak about other original traits of the current fall/winter time it is worth to mention the famous stylish direction commonly called «color blocking» which has become extremely popular this season.  A growing number of designers prefer to select expressive coloration choices in the garments and fashion accessories within the confines of the style «color blocking», and such designers as Diesel and Dsquared are not an exception. So, the new trend of «color blocking» not in vain has become so popular and is quite well-known among contemporary fashion mongers. The gradations of splendid sardius, chic emeralds and picturesque sapphires appear not just in elegant earrings and amazing accessories, but as well on clothes and dresses.

Shorts and jeans of practically all colors and tissues are another summer trend which has become enormously popular this season. The most prominent creative designers have shown to the general public quite a lot of amazing unique costumes of shorts and stylish jeans with multiple elements of fall and winter set of clothing. It is only necessary to bear in mind one important detail. It's not the summer time in the street,  so it might be better and much more healthier to opt for shorts and fashionable jeans manufactured from warm and reliable materials such as thick denim and luxurious tweed.