Monday, December 24, 2007

When I married and we settled down in our nice cosy house I had never thought the day would come when we decided to move. But it happened and we had to change not only the house but also a city and even a state. Honestly speaking I was not just nervous but even a bit scared about this big business. I knew every corner in my town and now we had to find a nice safe area and a place we would feel at home in. And we had no idea what to do. Should we fly there or just look around??? It didn’t seem right. And at that very moment a colleague of mine advised me to look at FSBO site (

At first I didn’t think it was what we needed. Till we checked the site. And it was the answer to our problem!! All we had to do is to go to the site and find the page “Moving and Relocation” ( Then we compared the cities ( and made up our mind about where to go. And even after that the site kept being a great help. We looked at fsbo-crime-comparisons and saw the safest cities and towns in the area. I want to say thanks a lot to all who have created this great site. Good job, guys!!