Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why should people live in a flat share?
Because of the globalization process that are happening in the world at the moment, countries borders have become more open, and various people prefer to study in another country. That is why; more and more youngsters come to get their education to London, where they meet a wonderful, but very expensive city with certain problems for students to live.
The biggest trouble in London at present is to get accommodation for students in London. You should be rather critical and realistic while considering the housing perspectives in the city.
At the beginning, you can always get a short term apartments London e.g. a hotel, but it cannot last long. So, it is much better to look for long term apartments immediately after you arrive in the city.
Most students choose to save money and to have a flat share. Some people like it a lot, but the others hate it so much.
These are the arguments in favor of flat sharing:
-    You can really cut your costs twice or even three times in such a way.
-    This type of housing is available to everyone in the world. So, you have a chance to meet people of various walks of live. Thus, your life is not going to be boring and plain any more.
-    When you share a flat or a house with other people, you also share the household chores that you have to do. Some like washing up, the others prefer cleaning. In such a way, everyone can get a duty to their taste avoiding rows and arguments.
As you can see, there are some great reasons to share a flat with other people, but still the major one is to reduce costs while you a student in London and you need London flats for students so much.

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