Monday, December 16, 2013

I decided to devote my Life to People: My Future Work as a Medical Assistant

My family was rather surprised when one day I told them about my wish to become a medical assistant. We have no medical workers in the family so you can imagine they were curious at my decision to take this path.

I can say that it took me a good amount of time to arrive at the conclusion that I am ready to try a medical assistant program at our local college.

If you are not aware of what is necessary, there is a brief description of their duties and obligations.

The main aim for medical assistants is to support the work of the medical institution. For example, record all patient data, take care of health insurance requirements, set appointments with doctors, and clinical tasks such as performing injections, assisting chiropractors and podiatrists. I actually also took an IT degree program to help set up IT related needs in the hospital.

To become a medical assistant it’s great to have a specialized education. People who are eager to succeed must complete a year course at minimum involving intensive training. It’s a great idea to earn a certificate that will allow you the ability to work with patients and/or perform administrative tasks in hospitals.

I don’t worry about the salary level, as they are somewhere on the average level in the sphere, but everything depends on the level of your education. If you have additional background, e.g. Massage Therapy Program you are likely to earn a bit more.

Also, I don’t need to worry about where I’ll work after I complete the courses, because there are plenty of places that want to see me employed. According to statistics, the demand for this kind of labor is continually increasing.

I’m thrilled to be able to set my parents’ minds at ease with my enthusiasm and determination to succeed as a medical assistant. They know I will stop at nothing to obtain a job in the field and I will eventually stop mooching off of them upon graduation.

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