Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jacksonville mom is fond of selling houses

Many years ago Debbie Shagnea was told and she could become a very good realtor because of her charming and attractive personality. But nobody knew that she would succeed so much.

Up to 2009 Shagnea has sold hundreds of houses and has earned millions of dollars. She has become the top realtor of the country. Selling house has become her passion.

She is ready to work all day long to sell houses or to help FSBO sellers.

As she has been very busy working and that’s why she has delegated all the paper work to two firms. But she tried to spend enough time to every client. She says that very often people refer to her when they have already lost hope to find the house they really want.

She is devoted to work but she has some time off and to relax in the spa center. When people ask about her secret of success she says that there’s nothing new, but only hard work and the desire to help the customer. She quite a lot, but her expenses are very huge as she wastes money on the promotion and listings. But she is happy with her and she is ready to help people to find the house in any part of the country. It doesn’t matter where – Texas or California.

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