Friday, March 5, 2010

Car dvd player

I like traveling with my family but kids are so naughty sometimes that it’s a real problem how to make them sit still at least for some time. But my husband bought me an excellent present for New Year – a car dvd player with touch screen. That’s amazing! You can’t even imagine how everything has changed now!

This dvd player is super! It has a built–in TV and radio, RDS function, built-in GPS and FM transmitter, Bluetooth, USB slot, built-in Dolby decoder and stereo speakers. Most of all my kids liked the possibility to play games. Now the problem of entertaining kids is solved completely!

But I also like its stylish design and convenience – when it is closed, you’ll never guess where it is! It is the best present I’ve ever had! I would definitely recommend it to other moms.

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